New home for Community Projects

We are delighted that Windsor Christian Action has leased Holy Trinity Parish Room for its projects.  The Room was built in 1907 as a church hall for Holy Trinity Church.  It has been leased to a couple of organisations since the early 1980’s and latterly operated as a bar and function room.  The building requires a lot of work to both bring it up to a modern standard and make it the most suitable space for Windsor Christian Action.  

The charity has four projects which will all move to the building:

  • Homeless Project for the vulnerable and homeless, offering a day centre for breakfast and lunch; healthcare eg access to visiting GP/nurse, chiropodist, hairdresser; professional advisors for mental health, addictions, etc; life re-building advice from probation services, as well as housing & tenancy advice, on-line skills, and jobs advice.
  • Street Angels provide care and safety to primarily young adults and rough sleepers at risk at night requiring medical care, shelter, and other support.
  • FoodShare provides non-perishable foods to individuals and families who are hungry due to insufficient money although most have homes and many are working.

The four charitable activities haven't had a permanent base until now.  Bringing them together will create a hub allowing them better support their clients.  At the time of posting, work is well underway as is fundraising - if you would like to contribute you can do so via this link

WCA’s vision for the building includes: a fully working kitchen, a community café, a kitchen garden, educational and rehabilitation support services, segregated sleeping facilities during winter months, essential storage for Windsor Foodshare and a hub for Street Angels equipment.

Windsor Christian Action have made a super film which gives an insight into the scale of the work.

While Holy Trinity Parochial Church Council’s predecessors of 115 years ago couldn’t have foreseen the world we live in now, we think it very likely that they would think it a most appropriate use for the building - built as it was to serve the community. 

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